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  • Dedicated, Quality Care From Vetted Service Professionals
  • Transparent Pricing and Custom Options
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Dallas AC Repair Services

Fixd Repair Does It All

A hot summer in Dallas, Texas, is nothing to scoff at. Keep your household cool and comfortable with the help of Fixd Repair. Our expert team of AC technicians can repair any make, model, or brand of air conditioning systems.

Top reasons to choose Fixd Repair for your Dallas AC repairs:

  • We work with major manufacturers and brands.
  • We have licensed and background-checked technicians.
  • We are authorized for OEM warranty repairs.

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Choosing Fixd Means:
  • Dedicated, Quality Care From Vetted Service Professionals
  • Transparent Pricing and Custom Options
  • Unique Access to Warranty Products
  • Fast & Convenient Home Repair Service

Choosing the Best AC Company in Dallas, TX

Experience Matters  

When searching for the best air conditioning company in Dallas, TX make sure to do your due diligence. Look for companies with a long-standing reputation of excellence and always check that their license is up to date! Ask around for feedback from previous customers or use internet searches - whatever it takes to ensure you get quality service every time. With some savvy research backed by reliable references, finding an experienced AC contractor doesn't have to be complicated.

Quality Parts & Tools  

Finding the right AC company to trust with your system is key. Do your research to ensure they use only top-grade parts and tools – you may even be covered by a manufacturer's warranty when seeking repairs! Additionally, ask about technicians' certifications and training in repairing systems similar or identical to yours before setting up an appointment for service.

Fair Prices 

With the heat of summer rapidly approaching, it's important to make sure your AC is up and running – without breaking the bank. Don’t be afraid to ask about discounts or specials that many AC companies offer, as well as any hidden fees or charges before making a commitment. Doing so will help you save on money and avoid unexpected costs when you receive your final bill!

Call (817) 567-2725 and see why Dallas homeowners use Fixd Repair for all of their AC repair needs or request a callback from one of our AC experts.

Leave Your HVAC Repair to The Pros

Investing in a professional HVAC repair company is truly worth your time and money - with the right tools, experience and expertise, they can quickly troubleshoot any issues you have. Not only will it save you time due to their repairs, but compliant installation of new parts ensures that energy efficiency ratings remain competitive, so costs stay low. Plus, having reliable professionals take care of things means protecting yourself from potential risks related to DIY attempts; when all's said and done, this investment pays off for years down the road both financially as well as through greater peace of mind knowing everything has been taken care of properly!

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Common AC Problems in Dallas, TX

Below are common AC problems you may experience if your system is in need of any repairs.
  • You're losing money because your AC system is working harder than it needs to!
  • You can't seem to get your home cool enough, no matter what you do
  • Your AC system is making strange noises and you don't know why
  • Dust and allergens are constantly circulating through your home thanks to your AC unit.
  • You're worried about the environmental impact of your AC unit
  • The humidity in your home is unbearable and there's nothing you can do about it
  • There's a weird smell coming from your AC unit and you don't know what it is
  • Water is leaking from your AC unit and you have no idea why
  • The age of your AC unit is starting to show and it's time for an upgrade
  • You've never had an issue with your AC system before, but now suddenly, everything seems wrong!

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Common Problems with Your Heating System

Heating systems can be very unpredictable, especially during winter months. Common issues with a home's heating system include insufficient heat being produced, uneven temperatures throughout different areas of the house, and too much noise coming from the system itself. The problem may also be that the heating system is set to an incorrect temperature or simply not working at its full capacity due to lack of regular maintenance. In order to address these difficulties, it is important to replace worn-out parts in the system and have a professional inspect and tune it on a regular basis. Regularly scheduled maintenance will ensure optimum performance for your heating system and keep your family warm throughout chilly times of the year.

Is it Time For a New Unit?

If your home's HVAC unit can no longer keep up with changing temperatures, this could indicate that it is time to invest in a new system. Other signs can include hearing strange noises coming from the unit, a sudden increase in monthly energy bills, or difficulty keeping certain rooms at comfortable temperatures. Additionally, if you've had your current system for 15 years or more, it may be time to upgrade it. An HVAC professional can help you determine if your current system should be repaired or replaced and advise you on which model of system might work best for your home. Talk to an HVAC expert today if you think it might be time to replace your existing system!

Help Catch Repairs Before They Become Costly

AC Maintenance Services in Dallas, TX

At Fixd Repair, we love to help local customers with all sorts of AC system repairs. On the other hand, we also love to help make sure that AC systems don’t need repairs at all by offering routine maintenance. If you let us regularly maintain your AC unit, it can help reduce the risk of larger defects and breaks happening.

Benefits of an AC maintenance plan from Fixd Repair include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Increased AC system reliability
  • Decreased energy bills
  • Priority scheduling options

We recommend that most households get AC maintenance at least once a year. If you have an older system or have someone in your household who is sensitive to heat or humidity due to a health condition, then you might want to get AC maintenance at least twice a year.

One Phone Call to Keep Cool

Get Fixd Repair on the job if your air conditioner needs repairs or maintenance. Our vetted, certified technicians can service homes of all sizes throughout Dallas, Texas. We keep many common parts and components on hand, too, which lets us complete jobs sooner than many of our competitors. With so many reasons to choose us for AC repairs, why not call (817) 567-2725 now?

What Are Common HVAC Brands in Dallas Homes?

When it comes to the best HVAC brands available for homes in Dallas, there are many factors to consider. Durability, efficiency, and customization are all important components of an effective and compatible HVAC system. Technology has also come a long way in recent years that allows customers access to features such as filter alerts and air quality control. Popular and reliable brands on the market include American Standard, Trane, Goodman, Amana, York, Lennox, Bryant and more. Researching these products and factoring in the specific needs and climate of your home - such as energy conservation - will lead you to the most suitable HVAC brand for your Dallas residence.

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What Types of AC Systems Are Used in Dallas Homes? 

Dallas, Texas is known for its hot and humid weather conditions, making it essential for homeowners in the area to have a reliable AC system. Many homes are equipped with split systems that contain both an outdoor condenser unit as well as an indoor air handler. In addition, two-stage cooling systems that offer more efficient operation and better temperature control are becoming more popular throughout Dallas. Those looking to go green may also opt for heat pumps which use less electricity while still providing comfortable temperatures within the home. No matter the type of system selected, reliable HVAC installation is key in order to ensure maximum efficiency.

The average age of a home in Dallas is 43 years, which means the heating and air in these homes are likely to be outdated. Homeowners can benefit from major renovations, including changing their HVAC systems. Many popular HVAC brands are available in Dallas, such as Carrier, Trane, Lennox, and Goodman; all of these brands offer quality products that will keep homes comfortable while offering significant energy savings. In addition to providing efficient cooling and heating solutions and lower energy bills than older units, these HVAC systems also reduce homeowner carbon footprint. Ultimately, the decision comes down to finding which brand will best suit their specific heating and cooling needs with your budget in mind.

Our technicians are trained to handle repairs on all HVAC brands and systems. Contact us today!