Meet our mascot, the Donkeycorn.

At Fixd Repair, we think hard work is pretty magical.

The Legend of the Donkeycorn

And How It Came To Be.

In 2015, two young entrepreneurs came together with a brilliant idea to fix the many problems that made being a homeowner so complicated and bring peace of mind to homeownership. They named this solution, Fixd Repair, and set out to disrupt the home warranty and home service industries.

They knew they had a long road ahead of them, so they decided to get help from well-qualified investors by pitching them their idea. The first potential investor interested in hearing more about their idea was from a well-known unicorn company called Facebook. They were so excited to pitch their Business Plan to him and possibly make their start-up dreams come true.

After presenting their Fixd Repair Business Plan to the investor, he was not impressed. His criticism was bleak, and stated, “This is not a unicorn company with ‘hockey stick’ potential. This is a slow ramp business. I’m looking for a unicorn. Thanks, but I’ll pass.”

The investor may have shot them down, but it did not interfere with their determination to pursue their idea. They joked that they might not have a unicorn on their hands, but instead a Donkeycorn. Laughter ensued, and they soon realized there’s nothing wrong with being a Donkeycorn. As it turns out, a donkey holds many characteristics that portray their personal business goals to building their successful start-up: a tad stubborn, incredibly curious, hardworking, calm, and highly intelligent.

From that day on, the Donkeycorn mascot was born. The initial rejection only fueled the two to push forward with their dream, and ironically, Fixd Repair experienced the hockey stick growth they were told they would never have.

Two short years later, ANGI Homeservices, noticed the potential of this unique Donkeycorn company and acquired them as a new addition to their family. Let this story be a lesson for anyone; hard work and persistence can lead to great things, and there’s nothing wrong with being a Donkeycorn!

What does it mean to be a Donkeycorn?

  • Driven – to success and progress.
  • Optimistic – of what we can achieve.
  • Now – our actions have positive impact.
  • Knowledgeable – bring perspective, talent and skills.
  • Energetic – ambition to exceed expectations.
  • Yourself – we bring out our best selves.
  • Community – help each other succeed.
  • Open-mined – collaborate, adapt and contribute.
  • Resourceful – information solves problems.
  • Never – give up!